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ZEN SUPERMARKET september 2020, Graduation Show KABK.

Ceramics with glaze and painted with acrylics. Oil and acrylics, on canvas, hand dyed fabrics, wooden ornaments, papier-maché.

In the installation ZEN SUPERMARKET I search for a balance between the silence, calmness and wisdom of a Zen stone garden, as I encountered during my time in Japan last year, and the abundant colorful richness that you can find in a supermarket in 2020, with it’s endless rows of plastic-packed colorful shapes; to come to a new philosophy where these two opposites merge together. Trough this I try to create a new positive language that combines the eastern values and aesthetics with the western. Making a playground where your mind can rest from the dominant intellectual structures we have developed in our minds, to open your self up to a playfulness that speaks to your intuitive, bodily understanding of form.