Artist statement:

My work is a play with the boundaries of form and non-form. Through painting and sculpture I translate metaphysical ideas into physical substances. When does a form begin and where does it end? The direct making process is the base of this exploration.
To play with the abstract is for me a way to provoke an image that lies in between recognition and alienation. Between the supernatural and the materialistic. Between the natural and the human-made.
By doing this I try to open up an awareness of the non-conceptual understanding of form we all have, to promote the intuitive bodily experience instead of understanding trough reasoning.
I’m interested in creating the tension between the normality of daily objects and the subliminal effect objects can transcend. Reflecting on how people are connected to objects I try to come closer to a universal language.
To search for the unknown I create images that are hard to look at because of their chaos and abundance and at the same time open up a playground of fragments that wants to be touched and shaped like a puzzle.
My installations allow you to step in without thoughts in a world that is a combination of the abundance and fastness of a supermarket in 2020 and the ancient wisdom that lies within the zen stone gardens you can find in Japan.