Curtain Piece, april 2018

180 x 160 cm
painting: canvas, acrylic, combined with
curtain: papiermache, wood, chickenwire, acrylic, combined with ceramics: clay, glace, acrylics.

How to look at my paintings? Are they feelings made visible? Are they poems without words?Are they totally abstract and do they stay abstract? But what happens when you look at it as a landscape?
When you'll walk in it, how big will the human figure be? How hot or cold will it be? Will there be air? Will there be water? Walking on earth, grass or any other vorm or colour, will there arise sound from your feet touching the surface? Will there be wind? Sun? How far can you go inside the painting?
Having all these questions made me make this Curtainpiece. To reflect on what is outside and what is inside.